kraken reduces Bitcoin trading fees with fresh liquidity encouraging maker taker toverfee monster

UPDATED 00:11 EST . 20 JULY 2018

Bitcoin exchange kraken (Payward, Inc.) has announced a reduction te Bitcoin trading fees, along with a fresh monster that prizes its users who provide liquidity to the exchange with even thicker savings, which they call a “maker taker” prototype.

The company announced the fresh rates te a blog postbode, stating that the switch comes by popular request since many clients had told them they would like to see a maker taker monster with diminished fees overall.

According to kraken, under the maker taker proefje, diminished fees are applied to market makers who provide liquidity to the market takers.

The maker toverfee applies when a user adds liquidity to the Losbreken order book by placing a limit buy below market price or a limit sell above market price. The maker toverfee is paid only when such orders are taken by fresh incoming orders.

The taker toverfee applies when a user eliminates liquidity from the kraken order book by placing a market or limit order that executes instantaneously against a limit order already on the book.

All advanced orders on their exchange podium trigger either market or limit orders and the triggered market or limit order will be maker or taker.

The advantages of the fresh system are said to be that traders adding liquidity to the book will benefit from the diminished maker toverfee, on top of the overall diminished fees kraken has now introduced. Albeit takers pay a little more than makers (0.Ten procent more), takers still benefit from the diminished overall toverfee structure, spil well spil the reserve 0.Ten procent more also being offset by (te theory anyway) deeper liquidity and tighter spreads that the prototype is expected to provide.

Appealing idea for regular traders

Fees under the fresh scheme vary (see the photo to the right,) with the maker toverfee going spil low spil 0 procent and up to 0.16 procent depending on the amount that a user trades. The taker toverfee ranges from 0.Ten procent up to 0.26 procent, again depending on the amount that is being traded.

Overall kraken has dropped their genérico rates, which will further make its service even more competitive than it already is, but to regular traders, ter particular, the maker taker monster is very appealing spil it not only embeds further discounts, but its encouragement of enhanced liquidity on the Losbreken exchange can only be a positive ter terms of the amount of trades available, particularly compared to smaller exchanges that often do fight from the amount of traders, due to liquidity of the overall exchange, available.

The fresh maker taker toverfee structure starts on kraken August 1.

Photo credit: torley/Flickr/CC by Two.0

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2 thoughts on “kraken reduces Bitcoin trading fees with fresh liquidity encouraging maker taker toverfee monster

  1. Binance will increase te price, because they are waiting for another searing of their tokens and it is thesis deeds that will bring coins to a común look and price, and not spil others do that billions of tokens of one project are created and te the end they are not needed by anybody, this is not serious.

  2. This is a truly good news, and not only for those who are having funds there, but for the entire world of cryptos. Had Binance bot hacked I am afraid wij would have another gigantic blood bath on top of the one which wij just had.

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