It – s practically unlikely for regular people to buy Bitcoin, Hacker News

I always dreamed just 1 (still do), but back te 2010 I wasgoed just going to spend ?100 and see what happens. It seems ter the US the people who did similar to what I dreamed to do te varying forms made good profits (and had an interesting rail).

This is different from ‘speculating’ (e.g. ‘oh I wish I had actually bought some’) – I had utter intent and desired to buy them, but just the barrier to entry due to UK regulations were very high. I even attempted to arrange peer to peer transactions through reddit or te person but they also seemed difficult. Most people I everzwijn met te person who had any didn’t want to sell due to the belief of the everzwijn enlargening price.

Of course I managed to be very ineffective at making the most of the bitcoins I had. I think I most likely had about Ten bitcoins te my posession at one point, and I very likely realised about ?150 of vivo build up out of them. Hindsight is wonderful!

Edit: I should add that I opened my MtGox account a few years ago, before there wasgoed any requirement for ID or verification. I think the entire process has become a loterijlot stiffer since.

They seem to like the fact it separates them from the US dollar, spil well spil permitting Chinese residents more control overheen their money and a potential store of wealth comparable to gold (albeit far more volatile).

Of course I still believe this is unsustainable, but te a strange form this is a wealth rebalancing act on a universal scale. the rich Chinese providing money to the US citizens.

Spil long spil the surplus of the world doesn’t go bitcoin mad and let the Chinese metselspecie out again, then if it everzwijn pops there will be a loterijlot of wealth lost te China.

Both China and the US government have given BitCoin a tacit (and not-so-tacit) endorsement, China with a pro-BitCoin documentary on state television, and the US with Senate hearings that appeared to suggest the US is not going to stir to outlaw it but rather regulate it. I do not see the US government providing its citizens the impression that using BitCoin would be legitimate and then going back on that suggestion – there would be too many vested interests, with a loterijlot to lose, and they would not be cool with that.

The Chinese government is more powerful than the US government, however. There is a chance that they could see their citizens pour their savings into BitCoin and still stir for a regulatory crackdown. I’m still worried that they will believe BitCoin is getting out of control and their capability to control the funds exiting and injecting the country through BitCoin is diminished.

The bottom line: the more countries that commence using BitCoin, that more stable it will become, the less a single country’s regulatory act will influence the price.

edit: prices don’t seem spil good spil they used to be however.

If there wasgoed a way to pay contant and get bitcoins, I’d have done it years ago. You can buy bitcoins from other individuals either te person or using canap transfer. There is an escrow system ter place for protection of buyer and seller. Using handelsbank transfer you dont even need to leave your house, you can do it via online banking. This exchange does not require verification to deposit money or trade but you may need to provide verification before you withdraw. I sent pictures of my photo driving licence and a photo of a utility bill and wasgoed verified within 48 hours.

Bitstamp you need to be be verified before you can deposit money. Go after the rules they lay down re: high quality scan and photo and you will be fine.

MtGox Same spil above, go after the rules and it is fine. Verification did at one time (April bubble) take a few weeks, it is much more reasonable now.

Thesis are Trio of the exchanges but there are others such spil Losbreken, Coinbase etc.

3 thoughts on “It – s practically unlikely for regular people to buy Bitcoin, Hacker News

  1. I’m very glad that Binance is working again. During thesis few days I had already mentally said goodbye to my savings. But thank Heer everything ended well and i can proceed to work calmly.

  2. Good to know that they are back. I checked them last night wasgoed getting error on my mobile app. Well This is one of the reason it is not advisable to store all your token on exchanges.

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