How to buy and sell ZCash

ZCash is an anonymous cryptocurrency that uses zk-snarks to keep transactions 100% private, unlike other privacy-driven cryptocurrencies that use built-in mixers to make blockchain analysis unlikely.

Zcash is mined through a Proof of Work system, if you want to mine Zcash you can check out thesis guides:

Mining isn’t for everyone, tho’. It requires a certain degree of skill and time. Spil so, buying Zcash directly from an exchange is often the easiest way to acquire it. However, registering on an exchange will often require you to expose your individual information, but merienda you have Zcash ter your wallet, you can always switch it into a private address.

Te this guide, wij are going to use the kraken exchange. kraken is a reputable exchange and it is fairly effortless to use. Furthermore, it’s one of the few places where users can buy Zcash for fiat currency (EUR, USD, etc)

If you want to analyze the market trends before trading, check out our Zcash charts. It provides numerous trading implements, indicators, and more.

So, let’s get began!

Part 1 – Create an account

Step Trio: Inject your private information, agree to the terms & conditions and click “Sign Up

Step Four: Confirm your email address and loom into your account

Part Two – Verify your identity

Te order to be able to exchange cryptocurrencies for national currencies and vice versa, you’ll need to verify your identity. This will permit you to buy and sell Zcash to your handelsbank account.

If you want to be able to deposit and trade cryptocurrencies, you can get Tier 1, but if you want to deposit/withdraw national currencies you voorwaarde activate Tier Two Step Two: Scroll down and pack your private information and click “Get Verified

Step Trio: Merienda that’s done, advance to the 2nd tier by clicking “Get tier Two verified

Step Four: Do the same you did te Step Two, inject your information and click “Get Verified

If you want to increase your thresholds, you can verify your account up to Tier Four

Part Trio – Deposit

Step Two: If you want to deposit Zcash, scroll down and choose “Zcash (ZEC)” at the bottom

Step Four: Deposit Zcash to the address displayed

Step Five: If you want to deposit a national currency (Wij’ll use EUR), choose one of the fiat currencies at the top

Step 6: Select the deposit method

Step 7: Scroll down and go after the instructions shown

It may take some days to credit your national currency, especially if you’ve never deposited a national currency with kraken. Merienda your fiat arrives, it’s time to buy some Zcash.

Part Four – Buy Zcash with USD/EUR

Now that your money has arrived, time to buy Zcash.

Step Two: Select your pair. Click the current pair (1) and choose the one you want (Two). Wij are going to use ZEC/EUR

There are many types of orders, which kraken has split into Ordinary, Intermediate and Advanced. For the purposes of this guide wij’ll only need to place a ordinary order. Step Four: Now come in the price you want to pay and the amount of EUR you want to spend. The Zcash you’re going to buy will be calculated automatically.

If you are not sure about which price to choose, you can always check the orderbook by clicking “Charts” on the top right corner Step Five: Click “Buy ZEC with EUR

Step 7: Now wait for your order to be taken. The time it takes will depend on how good your price is

Merienda your order is packed, you will receive your Zcash on your Losbreken wallet

Part Five – Sell Zcash for USD/EUR

Selling Zcash will be the precies same process spil buying, you’ll need to create a fresh order, inject your price and quantity, then submit the order. The only difference is that you’ll need to click “Sell” when placing the order:

When you click, the buttons will turn Crimson, so that you know you are making a sell and not a buy.

Part 6 – Withdraw

Now that you’ve sold/bought Zcash, you can withdraw your funds to your preferred location. Wij would suggest keeping your funds ter individual a wallet, if you’re holding crypto. If you’re holding fiat, simply add your handelsbank account and withdraw to it.

Step Three: If you want to withdraw Zcash, scroll down and choose “Zcash (ZEC)” at the bottom

Step Four: Click “Add Address” to specify where you want to send your Zcash to. You can compare wallets here

Step 6: Select the wallet address (1), come in the amount you want to withdraw (Two) and click “Review Withdrawal(Three)

You may need to confirm your withdrawal via email. Step 8: If you want to deposit a national currency (Wij’ll use EUR), choose one of the fiat currencies at the top

Step 9: Click “Add Account” to specify where you want to send your fiat to.

Step Ten: Inject your private bankgebouw account details and click “Save canap account

That’s it! You now have all the instruments necessary to buy and sell Zcash (and other coins) for national currencies. Make sure that you know what you’re doing before investing ter any crypto, and never invest more than what you can afford to lose.

Alternatively, you can also mine Zcash or you can also attempt buying a cloud mining contract with Hashflare or Genesis Mining .

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  1. That’s a good news, Binance is the most convenient and reliable exchange i personally know. It would be just the best if they’d implement possibility to buy crypto for fiat right on the service

  2. I could loom te to Binance yesterday, when it wasgoed ‘down’ for maintenance. All it said wasgoed that trading wasgoed not available. But now, I can’t even get the pagina to stream. Could it be that too many people are attempting to loom on at merienda? I hope that’s the reason, and nothing more sinister than that!

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