How Does a Makeshift Freezing of Transactions at Poloniex Affect the Users

Against the background of enhanced market activity, Poloniex, the largest exchange of altcoins, suffered a DDOS. Albeit the exchange wasgoed able to neutralize this problem, many users still report problems related to the implementation of transactions and the Bitcoins withdrawals. Users complain that a few hours straks their withdrawal has not yet manifested ter their wallets, and Poloniex is not officially te a hurry to admit the problem.

The DDoS began on the night of May 9, spil it wasgoed then that access to the exchange limited for few hours. Poloniex posted on official Twitter account:

DDoS, wij’re working to mitigate.

Albeit mitigation of DDoS wasgoed effective, the problems did not end there. Some members Whalepool argue that a buy order suspended. Te addition, users te the talk complained that the functions of deposit and withdrawal are not carried out, Poloniex has not yet confirmed a solution to this problem.

On BitcoinTalk, user 8Habits created a topic called “What did you do te the past 24 hours te Poloniex?”, that confirms the freezing of account transactions for a long time. Spil the price of Bitcoin resumes to grow, alternative cryptocurrencies feel reduction te price.

This night, many users have reported an error 502. It is unknown whether the DDoS reaction to the market decline altcoins, attempting to create more scare, thereby provoking a further decline ter prices. Because of the impossibility of gaining access to the cryptocurrency exchange, at the end of this kleintje of attacks, many traders continued to sell their savings and attempted to withdraw their funds. Even sadder that thesis withdrawals proceed to last until today.

Moreover, users complain of freezing funds. One user stated:

I have about 400ETH worth, frozen.

Accounts freeze, suspension of withdrawals and ordinary utterly negative influence on the reputation of the exchange te this critical time spil now.

Defrauded Traders Organize a Class-action Lawsuit Against Poloniex

Arguing about “possible insider trading” by one of the traders determined to sue the exchange. The apparent downward dynamics te conjunction with numerous voortdurend technical problems ter Poloniex has led to the fact that many traders with a long margin Ethereum lost their positions. The proprietor of the webstek whose gegevens is protected by the WhoisGuard service, claims to have lost about $ 250,000 of this madness.

Law stiff Berns Weiss LLP will investigate the failures of crypto-currency exchanges Losbreken and Poloniex, said ter a press release.

If you think that you are a victim, then you have the chance to join others who feel the same by visiting

Spil claimed exchange, the lack of utter access users, provoked by the attack of “denial of service”.

Now is a good time to remind users about the disadvantages of storing large amounts te the accounts of the exchanges. It is better to keep a wallet on your desktop with your portfolio of altcoins spil no amount of DDoS or downtime will be able to take those coins away from you. On the other mitt, if you leave your funds on accounts cryptocurrency exchange, most likely, te the time of the fright, the coins will not be available.

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