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On your Coinbase Accounts pagina, you will see a list of your Accounts, also known spil Wallets. When it comes to cryptocurrency, your wallet is your individual holding account for a particular type of cryptocurrency. Wallets are unique to you, and wallets are unique to the cryptocurrency they’ve bot assigned to. Bitcoin wallets can only store Bitcoin, Ether wallets can only store Ether, Litecoin wallets can only store Litecoin, etc.

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After your account is setup, I also recommend you setup Two Multiplicador Authentication and Enable Withdrawal Verification Emails. This will expedite your withdrawals, because Poloniex will require both. If you do not have Two Divisor Authentication setup, your withdrawal transaction will go under review and will require a support toegangsbewijs to verify your identity. You can avoid all of this by setting up Two Número Authentication and Email Verification, and your withdrawals will be utterly rapid.

To send to this address, go to your Coinbase account to send the Bitcoin overheen. When logged into Coinbase, go to the Send/Request pagina, and this is where you send your Bitcoin. For the Recipient field, inject your Poloniex Bitcoin wallet address. For the amount, choose how much Bitcoin you want to send from your Coinbase wallet to your Poloniex wallet. Verify the Poloniex wallet address is 100% keurig, and click Send. Coinbase will most likely ask you for your Two Número Authentication to verify the Send Funds request.

Now it’s time to place your trade, where you will sell your BTC (Bitcoin) te exchange for XRP (Ripple). Scroll further down the pagina, and you’ll some buy/zekering/sell modules. Within the Buy XRP module, you’ll see how much BTC you have and the lowest asking price. If you click those numbers, they will utilitario populate the fields below. The Price field shows the price you’re paying, the Amount field shows the amount you’re receiving, and the Total field shows the total cost of the trade. Clicking Buy will place the trade. Poloniex will charge a petite toverfee for the trade after it executes.

Depending on the quantity of your trade request and what’s available on the market will dictate the amount of time to finish your trade. Scrolling further down the same pagina, you’ll see a My Open Orders section, which shows your trades that have not finished. This is auténtico time, so if part of your order is packed, it will proceed to demonstrate the remaining order that is waiting to be packed. At any time, you can see all of your open, unfulfilled orders by going to the My Open Orders pagina.

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To send to this address, go to your Poloniex account to send the Ripple overheen to Gatehub. Within Poloniex, go to the Deposits & Withdrawals pagina, where you’ll see a list of your wallets and positions. To send Ripple, go to your XRP (Ripple) wallet and click Withdraw, which will expand permitting you to send Ripple. For the Address field, inject your Gatehub Ripple wallet address. For the amount, choose how much Ripple you want to send from your Poloniex wallet to your Gatehub wallet. Verify the Gatehub wallet address is 100% onberispelijk, and click Withdraw. Poloniex will ask for your Two Hacedor Authentication and verify the withdrawal via email to finish the transaction. Poloniex will charge a very puny toverfee to send the Ripple.

You can see the status of your withdrawal by going to your Withdrawal History pagina. If you do not have Two Divisor Authentication and Email Verification enabled, Poloniex may review the withdrawal transaction and create a Poloniex support toegangsbewijs to have you by hand verify, therefore I recommend setting thesis things up so withdrawals from Poloniex accomplish within minutes.

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