Very first, look at the IOS12 apple powder.

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How strong is millet 8? The efforts of the Lei Jun are enough for us to explore for a lifetime! Rice: millet is too thick!

Just a few days ago, Xiaomi launched its own mobile phone. 1 millet 8, yes, directly from millet 6 to millet 8. Ter fact, it is known that millet people know that millet has a habit, like millet series on the number of articles, for example, millet Two, and millet Four, millet 6, thesis are representative works of millet&hellip,.

Millet 8 has bot well received te China, but at the same time, it is also unsatisfactory.

After several days of earthshaking technology preheating, the eighth generation of millet eventually reached the stage. The eighth generation technology, which represents the eight year history of millet, is the same spil iphonex 10th anniversary, with milestone significance. Millet 8 does have some very outstanding technology, and there are also many unsatisfactory places. Millet 8SE is the lowest configuration of the millet 8 series mobile phones, now is focused on middle and low end products, its configuration is slightly inferior to the millet company high pass dragon 845 series, the lack of fingerprint and wireless charging is reasonable, after all, the overall price advantage is some, and millet 8 te Millet 8 exploration version has infrared features very special. Yes, there are still remote telecontrol TV and air conditioning functions&hellip,.

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What are the most desirable features of iOS 12? Apple WWDC18 is about to be unveiled

Te less than ten hours, the WWDC2018 will be held ter McEneryConvention center, San Jose, California. Since its very first launch te 1990, the WWDC developers conference has gone through 28 years. Today&rsquo,s WWDC gives the impression that Apple&rsquo,s &ldquo,routine&rdquo, event, ter addition to a little irrelevant hardware release, is the most expected of the fresh generation of iOS systems. What are the fresh functions of the iOS12 system? How is iOS12 updated? What is the difference inbetween iOS12 and iOS11? Let&rsquo,s take a look at the grapevine news before the conference&hellip,.

Apple’s IOS12 and iPhone SE2 are coming. What do you expect most?

Very first, look at the IOS12 apple powder. Are you ready? When IOS12 officially arrived te June 4th, what kleuter of functions do you hope IOS12 will bring? You are welcome to comment on the message and discuss with Xiaobian. Before the IOS12 is ready to upgrade, you can reminisce to open iCloud automatic backup. An apple interior product manager merienda spoiled: &ldquo,iOS 12 will be the most flawless work everzwijn made!&rdquo, It is reported that the entire system of iOS 12 will simplify the bottom layer, improve the efficiency of operation and the fluency of old equipment. The IOS12 system may also bring fresh ANIMOJI preset presupposition, give users more facial expression recommendation and enhance multiplayer online function. Apple should learn the lessons of many BUG problems after the IOS 11 update. Before this IOS12 release, the bottom of the IOS system will be more accurately repaired, so that the fresh IOS can be displayed ter vuurlijn of the Apple users with the best look&hellip,.

Does the IOS12 system need to be upgraded ter the end? The little editor gives you a suggestion

Recently, a lotsbestemming of fruit and powder asked ter the end that the value is not worth upgrading IOS11.Three.1/IOS11.Four/IOS11.Four.1beta/IOS12, so many systems, I believe a loterijlot of fruit and powder to see the circle, te the end the upgrade so a good system! So this punt needs to be discussed here, otherwise you will still be annoyed whether you will upgrade or not. Why are there so many concerns? Because if it upgraded, power consumption is too laggy hot, etc., and even upgrade up, incapable to comeback to a previous version of the system, it is! Next, Xiaobian analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of the four systems&hellip,.

The vivo Z1 practice evaluation of the horn of the Internet

Now the mobile phone circle is getting more and more upbeat, the Internet mobile phone representative millet recently carried the &ldquo,fresh retail&rdquo, banner, launched a series of products, began to march into the offline market, and the vivo, which has bot rooted te the offline market, seems not to be lonely, and recently launched a fresh product specifically aimed at the e-commerce podium, Z1. The horn of the Internet&hellip,.

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Can 8 millet be placed on the number? The beauty of the flagship of millet is very high and the very first is unsuspense.

Spil wij all know, at the beginning of the beginning, Xiaomi mobile phone didn&rsquo,t pay much attention to the vormgeving, but waterput all its energy on how to improve the vertoning price ratio of mobile phones. And such a choice is also right from a certain angle, because it is those products with super high cost spectacle that make millet earn the very first pot of gold&hellip,.

Millet 8 came, bangs and chin, but not cheap.

Before the May 31st press conference, Lei Jun exposed that there were many fresh products te the 8 conference of millet, and there were 446 pages te PPT. Spil expected, Xiaomi released six hardware products, including Three mobile phones, spil well spil TV, VR all-in-one, bracelet and so on, and released a fresh system&hellip,.

One plus 6 comprehensive evaluation: the strongest comprehensive voorstelling, is expected to influence the annual emperor.

Ter May, domestic mobile phone manufacturers released many fresh machines, including flagship R1, one plus 6, and so on. When the consumer upgrade, the flagship mobile phone has bot more popular with consumers, but not every flagship mobile phone can have high popularity and high sales. An omni-directional assessment&hellip,.

Millet 8 and HUAWEI P20, would you choose?

Spil wij all know, Xiaomi released three mobile phones te May 31st, namely, Xiaomi 8, Xiaomi 8SE and Xiaomi 8. Rice flour is a few points of joy. Why, because for millet 8, some disappointed. For example, Liu Haiping: everyone Tucao is ugly, eliminates the practical infrared remote control. Rebs said, because of Liu Haiping&rsquo,s reasons, it has already bot incapable to buttplug other accessories&hellip,.

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