EMC2 Newsletter Four


Hard Fork & Searing 55 Million Coins

The Einsteinium Foundation has determined to liquidate the Wormhole feature from the coin. This will reduce the total supply by 55075320 coins. Ter the past, the Wormhole wasgoed a useful feature that created volume and volatility te the markets and kept the rente of the community. However, along with the price increase, manhandle has enlargened spil well.

Please update your EMC2 knots with our fresh code, that can be found on our official GitHub repo:

All exchanges and other significant businesses are already on the fresh chain.


Fresh wallets are available for download.

This is an significant message for all EMC2 users to take instantaneous act. Einsteinium is presently transitioning to an all fresh blockchain via hard fork. It is fundamental to upgrade your wallet and store your coins on the fresh chain before December 9th. After this date, the old chain will no longer be supported. Wij appreciate all of the support from our community spil wij finish this necessary upgrade.


EMC2 is available for trade on South Korean exchange UpBit.

Seems like EMC2 is getting big ter Asia. Since wij opened Kakao channel 960 people leaped ter ter few days. Join your friends and have joy: https://open.kakao.com/o/gUJ7V8C

EMC2 Houtvezelplaat Switch

Ter March of 2014, EMC2 coin wasgoed released by the Einsteinium Foundation. Since then and until now the Foundation has switched several times. The most current switch happened during the summer of 2018. Our current squad consists of members that were part of the diferente team, vanguards that carried the fort for years spil well spil fresh developers and strikers. All together there is a good senergy inwards the team that openly stands behind and is truly committed to take the Einsteinium crypto system where it belongs, to the top of the list, and beyond. Our aim is to bringing this coin and its beautiful blockchain technology to the people.

Subcontractors that are working on various software modules are not presently listed on our webstek.

2 thoughts on “EMC2 Newsletter Four

  1. Man that’s good to hear because i wasgoed FUD down here because all my funds wasgoed te the binance wallet. I thought the exchanger has bot hacked that’s why im attempting to login on my android phone or te laptop

  2. Yes its good to see binance is back and also good news for traders spil well because now a days binance is most popular and effortless to use exchange. Also binance registration is effortless , no need to wait for long time for account approval. Te other exchanges like bittex, poloniex needs to very your account very first for commence trading. And binance service is quick. Good to see again binance resume its trading.

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