Trading terminal for





Chart trading

Trade directly from the chart. Place an order by holding the desired price level. Haul the order to the fresh price to amend it.

Friendly order input

Manual order input for precise order parameters. Select current price ter fiat or crypto-coins.

Technical analysis

Technical indicators, drawing on the chart, horizontal erguido or free-hand lines.

Secure trading

Only need permissions to buy, sell and view movimiento. No one has a right to withdraw.


Brock Hensley

Love this app Best trading app accomplish with charts, order book and unlimited alerts. Devs are active and care!

Abell Jefrry

Absolutely fantastic! Effortless to use, superb UI/UX vormgeving, prompt execution time! THANKS FOR ADDING BTER! AWESOME!

Nino Karas

Best bitcoin app on the market

Mercado Bitcoin added

Now you can trade Brazilian vivo on Mercado Bitcoin via TabTrader. Mercado Bitcoin is a Brazilian digital currencies company, very first and a leader ter LatAm. It is the largest Brazilian bitcoin exchange with overheen 180,000

Buy Gold for BTC at Vaultoro

Time to diversify! Speculate or invest ter Gold with BTC. Now Vaultoro exchange offers trading from mobile interface with TabTrader. You can get spil little spil 1 milligram. And the coetáneo gold underlying is physically

EXMO added

Blessed to announce that EXMO is now supported te our Android app for trading bitcoins. EXMO is a prompt and reliable exchange with BTC/USD, BTC/EUR, BTC/Touch pairs. Low commission, secure trading and rapid execution. Join

3 thoughts on “AWESOME!

  1. May I ask, why am I at the time of KYC verification difficult to accept? Is KYC valid only by using a passport? Other identities such spil resident cards are difficult to accept. Please help.

  2. Good to see! I know alot of people were worried about this. Rumors were going around that binance wasgoed hacked. Personally I didn’t believe it, but you know how thesis rumors get around so quickly. So glad to see that they’re wrapping it up. I also feel bad for those who had their funds or anything else tied up on binance during this process!

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