Autonio Crypto Trading Bot and Podium

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Cryptocurrencies are a relatively youthful and inefficient marketplace that’s bot largely overlooked by established trading houses.

Youthful markets mean chance and risk. Crypto traders can spend 16 hours a day running technical analysis or spend thousands of dollars for centralized algorithm bots that are limited.

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AUTONIO is the very first decentralized slim trading system that aims to disrupt the status quo.

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Users pay a low $50 monthly subscription using the issued NIO tokens to run the live trading system on their almacén pc or VPS. High-performing algorithms can then be bought or sold on the AUTONIO marketplace.

The easy-to-use verhoging permits both fledgling and professional traders to trade cryptocurrencies profitably.

With hundreds of coins available today, the cryptocurrency world is too fast-paced for the media trader to keep up with market trends, latest news and ICOs.

Outdated, expensive algorithmic trading bots cost upwards of $50,000 and are limited to specific coin pairings or specific exchanges.

Many existing platforms require the users to have extensive programming skill.

Trade dozens of coin pairs on all of the major exchanges.

Easy-to-use interface with tons of features.

Avoid emotional and costly trades.

Commence trading with autonio now.

The promise of decentralization and blockchain technology is a fairer and more just future. Wij want to give media crypto traders the capability to contest with wall street.

Our playmates and the AUTONIO community have bot instrumental te helping us achieve our mission. Their commitment and energy has inspired us to make a better product and to keep pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

Decentralized, you run your own example of AUTONIO and no can access your information.

Successful algorithms that make overheen 10% will be available to sell to others.

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Merienda live, AUTONIO trades continuously. That means no coffee violates and no emotional trades.

Future toneelpodium releases will include the introduction of AI trading bots that will automatically adapt to switching market conditions.

The toneelpodium lets users create their own algorithm with 20 technical indicators (including RSI, MACD, EMA & Bollinger Bands), dozens of coin pairings and intervals from 1 minute to 1 day. They can then flawless their algorithm with the back test feature.

Users connect to their beloved exchange via API (Five available: BitFinex, kraken, Bittrex, BitStamp, QuadragaCX)

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  1. binance is a excellent Exchange there are a lotsbestemming of coins to trade but they are having a lotsbestemming of scaling problems and a lotsbestemming of technical issues logins sms authi people could get lockout of the webstek and their funds customers services is indeed bad prewritten message that doesn,t solves the problems of the customers

  2. People that are startled are those who don’t yield to the advice that don’t leave your fund on exchanges. Binance iss one of the exchange I personally like and has scaled well te latest month but the team need to be very security conscious because it is going to be target for hackers

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