Odyssey also said its /OCN token is achieving trading volume of USD 44 million and rising daily.

Singapore based Odyssey Protocol, the decentralized sharing economy company, said its OCpay payments system will launch ter June and its /OCN token has bot listed on the UpBit and Bitrex exchanges.

According to a press release Wednesday, the company said its listings on UpBit (Korea) and Bitrex (US) followed a rigorous selection process from the cryptocurrency exchanges which have stringent criteria and requirements to make the cut. Odyssey also said its /OCN token is achieving trading volume of USD 44 million and rising daily.

Te announcing further details about its OCN chain development, Jack Chen, Technical Lead with Odyssey Protocol, said there is a need for cross chain interoperability: “Every blockchain is creating a unique and isolated world. Te order to create better synergy te the entire industry, wij can not rely on only one particular blockchain.”

Odyssey says the development of the OCN chain is consistent with its mission to build a decentralized sharing economy. “The concentrate of OCN chain is ter the direction of cross-chain interoperability and to enable businesses, especially puny to medium size businesses, to develop, promote and manage their business effortlessly,” Chen added. “Eventually, OCPay will be able to support different business platforms on different blockchains.”

The OCN chain will power Odyssey’s OCpay payment podium, launching ter June, with the upcoming /OCP airdrop scheduled to take place from August 31 onwards, according to a statement.

“With fresh companies te blockchain being developed every day, it’s significant to have the foresight to develop technologies that will not only fundamentally switch the way consumers interact with merchants, but do so te a way that isn’t a walled garden,” said Sophie Guan, Project Lead with Odyssey Protocol. “Odyssey is doing just that – total Interoperability and cross chain capabilities.”

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