GUIDE: How to buy Bitcoin and cryptocurrency on an exchange (Losbreken)

So how do you buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency on an exchange? Many fresh traders of cryptocurrency buy their very first currencies at a broker. Mostly because it&rsquo,s lighter, due to better interfaces, user friendly websites, and the use of common tenders. And it&rsquo,s also fairly common to leave cryptocurrencies on thesis broker accounts so users don&rsquo,t have to maintain a wallet, and it permits them to sell it quickly. Tho’ this is true, there are many downsides to buying cryptocurrency this way. For starters: it costs more, the intended currency might not be te stock, and you don&rsquo,t have total control overheen your renta. If you want to mitigate thesis downsides, you can buy on an exchange.

This guide is based on the exchange Wij chose kraken because many other exchanges have waterput a improvised zekering to registering fresh users, spil the amount of fresh traders has enhanced greatly. Next to this, Losbreken has also bot an exchange with a sizeable volume, many altcoins, and the possibility to exchange cryptocurrencies for Euros.

Step 1 &ndash, kraken account

If you toevluchthaven&rsquo,t created an account on yet, do this. Create a unique password unlike any you&rsquo,ve everzwijn created or will create, and store this securely. For example within a password manager like KeepassX.

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Step Two &ndash, Get verified

Login to your kraken account. To deposit Fiat

Step Trio &ndash, Select method

Spil soon spil you&rsquo,re Tier Two verified, you can deposit money to kraken. This goes through (among other things) a SEPA transfer and it usually takes inbetween Four to 48 hours, on weekdays. Ter the spijskaart, click on &lsquo,Funding&rsquo, and then choose the currency you wish to deposit on your Losbreken account, on the left mitt side. Then select a depositing method. Ter this example wij&rsquo,ll use &lsquo,Fidor Handelsbank AG (SEPA)&rsquo,. Select this method.

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Step Four &ndash, Instructions

This screen shows the instructions for your deposit. READ THIS WELL. You have to deposit from a handelsbank account that matches the private information you&rsquo,ve entered into your kraken account. This is why the verification process during step Two needs to be finished. When depositing to this account, you also need to inject the keurig reference, including &lsquo,, at the end.

Step Five &ndash, Deposit

Deposit an amount to the IBAN account number of Losbreken from your individual canap account with the keurig reference. This information can be found on the pagina after selecting the deposit method &lsquo,SEPA Deposit &ndash, Fidor Handelsbank AG (SEPA)&rsquo,. If you want to deposit numerous times to your kraken account, always utilize different amounts. Practice shows that depositing the same amount twice, can slow down the 2nd deposit.

Step 6 &ndash, Transaction email

Depending on the transaction speed of the bankgebouw, the amount will be transferred within several hours or days onto your kraken account. You&rsquo,ll receive an email spil soon spil the transaction has bot finished.

Step 7 &ndash, Buy Bitcoin with Euro

Ter the spijskaart, click on &lsquo,Trade&rsquo, on the upper left side. You can now select on which of the available markets you want to trade. Te this example wij&rsquo,ll trade Euros for Bitcoin (XBT/EUR). On kraken you&rsquo,ll find other trading pairs like Litecoin/Euro market of ETH/EUR-market, thesis can be viewed from this spijskaart. Conversely, this pagina can also be used to transfer Bitcoin to Euros and deposit this on your bankgebouw account.

Step 8 &ndash, Create order

When you&rsquo,ve selected the market you would like to trade te, click on &lsquo,Fresh Order

On this pagina you can come in several fields. How many Bitcoins you wish to buy, for what price vanaf coin, or what the total amount is you&rsquo,d like to spend. The automatically packed ter number, is the presente current price of Bitcoin te Euros. You can adjust this if you&rsquo,d like to buy Bitcoin for a specific price. You can also press the button &lsquo,Market&rsquo, (next to the current value). If you do this, the best possible current price of Bitcoin will be used to buy.

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Step 9 &ndash, Buy Bitcoin with limit order

Te this example wij&rsquo,ll create a &lsquo,limit Order

Step Ten &ndash, Bitcoin transaction overview

Now you&rsquo,ll be shown an overview of the Order

Step 11 &ndash, Bitcoin transfer

When the orders are executed, your Euros have bot converted into Bitcoin. You can see the amount of Bitcoin under the pagina &lsquo,Funding&rsquo, by clicking on &lsquo,Bitcoin (XBT)&rsquo, on the left arm side. Here you can also withdraw Bitcoin to transfer to your wallet or another exchange. You can do this by clicking on &lsquo,Withdraw&rsquo, and then clicking on &lsquo,Bitcoin (XBT)&rsquo, on the left arm side.

Step 12 &ndash, Withdraw

If you want to withdraw your bought Bitcoins, you&rsquo,ll have to add an address to send it to. You can do this by going go &lsquo,Funding&rsquo, &rarr, &lsquo,Withdraw&rsquo, &rarr, &lsquo,Bitcoin&rsquo,. Then click on &lsquo,+ Add Address&rsquo, and come in a Bitcoin address and description. Be wary that you inject the keurig information, because it is unlikely to retrieve when sent to an incorrect or non-existing address. Ter that case, you&rsquo,ve lost all the transferred currency.

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