Dragonchain DRGN price, charts and detailed metrics

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Dragonchain (DRGN) Commercialized Instrumentenbord


Thank you @Cryptolina for the warm welcome! Check out Joe’s talk on Gegevens Protection, Privacy, and Individual Liber. https://twitter.com/i/web/status/1010260545436553217

Wij’re proud to announce the relaunch of Dragonscale! A universal network of blockchain resources, #incubators, and sta. https://twitter.com/i/web/status/1009222611904225280

So I have seen Joe comments to one dude asked ” by premium what do u mean ?

*Joe replied it can be 3x exchange price or Five$ motionless !

Are thesis gonna be from reserve tokens ?

*Joe from reserve and from people with high ddss they can sell to enterprises ter our marketplace at a premium price !

Joe then said there are around 500 enterprises wants to use our podium wow that’s seems utterly interesting but Joe mentioned straks that the 500 are incubators . They are not well established companies

Anyone applied to drgn incubator project u can’t consider them spil efectivo clients maybe some people are with ideas only if u filterzakje thesis application I am sure you going to find dozen welvoeglijk ideas and teams !

After this comment I got shcoked tbh & jumpy that I trusted DRGN team !

To whom wij going to lease our ddss !! I thought there are major companies specially with the rumors about Starbucks even tho’ I am sure its fake but at least sm vivo companies

U guys had 6 months to make at least one gepast partnership or find a existente client !

Maybe u need a very talented sales manager with a very good network

Vechain and other companies are permanently making partnerships with existente companies not incubators or startups why u guys are incapable to do it ?

Please NDA, wij are excited, tegenstrijdig hype project etc are prohibited te the comments ??

2 thoughts on “Dragonchain DRGN price, charts and detailed metrics

  1. May I ask, why am I at the time of KYC verification difficult to accept? Is KYC valid only by using a passport? Other identities such spil resident cards are difficult to accept. Please help.

  2. Binance wasgoed offline longer than anyone would of expected. This resulted te a flood of FUD on twitter ter which John McAfee also took part of. The CEO did send out tweets to tranquil people’s nerves. Binance wasgoed very professional during this punt.

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