Bitstamp vs kraken: Find the Exchange That – s Best For You

Launched ter 2011, Bitstamp and kraken are two of the longest operating cryptocurrency exchanges that still remain very relevant today. Te this Bitstamp vs kraken comparison, wij’ll pauze down all the major differences inbetween the platforms, so that you can choose the one that’s best for you.

Bitstamp vs kraken Key Comparison

Ter the comparison table below, you’ll notice a few major differences that wij’ll explain ter more detail te the following sections.

0.36% or less + deposit fees

Litecoin, EOS, Monero, Stellar, Ripple,

Zcash, Ethereum Classic, Gnosis, Augur, Melon, Doge, Iconomi.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

kraken presently offers fiat currency deposits through USD canap wires, USD international SWIFT wires, EUR SEPA bankgebouw transfer, EUR international wires, JPY domestic canap transfers, and CAD international SWIFT wires.

Ter the picture below, you can see fees for each of thesis deposit methods.

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Users can place withdrawals through the same methods, however withdrawals may come with higher fees spil shown ter the pic below.

Users can also deposit and withdrawal any of the cryptocurrencies supported by kraken, which wij’ll voorkant te the following section. Generally thesis fees are amazingly low.

Perhaps the largest win for Bitstamp is the fact that they accept credit card purchases te addition to USD/EUR wires and EUR SEPA transfers.

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EUR SEPA deposits are free, while SEPA withdrawals come with a 0.90 toverfee. For users based ter the U.S. or another country outside of the EU, you’ll face slightly higher fees. International wire deposits carry a 0.05% toverfee, with a ondergrens toverfee of 7.Five USD/EUR and a maximum toverfee of 300 USD/EUR. Withdrawals have a toverfee of 0.09%, with a ondergrens of 15 USD/EUR and no maximum.

Credit card purchases understandably have fees a excellent overeenkomst higher than wires (5%), due to extra risks and universal fees associated with accepting credit cards. Still it seems many newcomers take advantage of this suggesting.

It is worth noting, wij’ve seen complaints from users located ter the U.S. who’ve attempted to make credit card purchases from Bitstamp. It seems thesis purchases are often declined by users’ credit card providers. Spil an alternative to Bitstamp for credit card purchasing, wij’d recommend Coinbase (see our Coinbase Review Here).

Available Cryptocurrencies and Trading Fees

Bitstamp offers trading for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, and Bitcoin Metselspecie.

The exchange uses a volume based trading schedule, with a maximum trading toverfee of 0.25%.

Losbreken offers trading for all of the cryptocurrencies Bitstamp does, plus a good overeenkomst more.

The following is a list of all cryptocurrencies available on kraken:


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While kraken offers more coins than many competitors, wij gracia cryptocurrency only exchange options like Binance (see Binance review here) for those looking to trade a large diversity of altcoins. Binance offers overheen 100 different cryptocurrencies and is permanently adding fresh coins, something Losbreken hasn’t bot very active at.


Losbreken uses a maker-taker volume based trading toverfee schedule, which you can learn more about here. Ter común the maximum toverfee you’ll pay for trading is 0.36%.

User Interface and User Practice

One of our largest issues with kraken is their user interface and our user practice on the toneelpodium.

Wij’ve found the webpagina to be clunky and have a few bugs, which wij’ve covered ter our kraken Review.

Te tegenstelling, wij’ve found Bitstamp to be very user friendly and cleanly designed. For newcomers to crypto, you should have no problem executing a trade through its Plain order form. You can learn more about the toneel te our Bitstamp Review here.

Customer Support

Whenever talking about cryptocurrency exchanges, wij always warn that spil a entire customer support is lacking. The crypto-world has exploded so swift, that most exchanges have struggled to keep up with enhancing support requests. With that said, wij’ve found Bitstamp to be a bright spot spil far spil this is worried, te both our own practice and what wij’ve seen voiced by others. Wij’d rate Losbreken’s customer support spil being more media.

Bitstamp vs Losbreken Summary

Te this Bitstamp vs kraken guide, wij’ve covered the pros and cons of both options. Bitstamp is generally fine for beginners looking for an effortless way to embark investing te crypto, while kraken offers a few more altcoins.

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  1. Binance is superb but also I feel like the risks it takes (when Japan reprimanded them for operating without a license) are unwise at times and may tarnish the brand ter the medium-term. Right now, the company has released reports of obtaining a fiat license te Malta for Euro to crypto but who knows whether that will get them one step closer to a fiat to crypto license te the U.S.? I guess only time will tell. Ter the meantime, I’m betting more on companies like Huobi that are setting up numerous separate entities that are loosely affiliated with each other. Their very first one te the U.S. is called HBUS and evidently launches straks this year. Their webstek is

  2. Man the amount of FUD te this Q1 of 2018 so damn high, if major exchange like binance get hacked, I think crypto will go down the road again like 2014

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