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When managing your bitcoin investment, there are several apps you can use to make your life lighter. Te this geschreven guide, you will detect the three best bitcoin investment apps for your smartphone.

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Three Top Bitcoin Investment Apps


Coinbase is one of the most popular bitcoin exchanges and wallet providers te the market. The San Francisco-based company has surpassed the seven million user mark te 2018 and is widely considered to be the most beginner-friendly bitcoin wallet.

However, the app has more to suggest than that. Using Coinbase, you can not only purchase and store bitcoin but also the two popular altcoins ether and litecoin using the in-app purchase functions. Digital currency purchases can be made using a handelsbank transfer or a credit card payment, which makes it effortless to top up your digital currency investments on the go. You can also access Coinbase online if you choose to make your bitcoin purchases at huis on your laptop spil opposed to through a smartphone app.

The Coinbase app can be downloaded for free on iOS and Android.

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If you are holding a diversified portfolio of digital currencies and want to keep track of where you bought and sold and how much your current holdings are worth, then there is no better app that Blockfolio.

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Blockfolio permits users to track the price activity of overheen 800 digital currencies by enabling users to record entry and uitgang levels spil well spil the quantities of each trade. Furthermore, the app provides charting devices so that you can analyze the price trends of your dearest digital currencies and collates the latest news stories from leading bitcoin news publications.

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The app also permits users to set price notifications. That way you can receive notifications on your phone when the digital currencies ter which you are investing reach price levels at which you would like to buy or sell.

Blockfolio is excellent for those who want to keep track of their digital currency investment comes back ter a proactive manner. Moreover, it is also a superb device to determine how much renta gains you will need to record on your Form 8949 at the end of the tax year to appropriately tax your bitcoin investment.

The Blockfolio app is free and available for both iOS and Android smartphone users.


zTrader is another popular bitcoin investment app that is targeted at more advanced digital currency investors. zTrader permits users to execute trades on various digital currency exchanges all through one single smartphone application.

Using zTrader you can trade bitcoin spil well spil any altcoins listed on the exchanges that zTrader supports. Presently, the app supports 17 digital currency exchanges including Losbreken, Bitfinex, Poloniex, and Bittrex.

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The app also provides users with a news feed, technical analysis implements, price alerts, and a talk slagroom to discuss the market with other investors.

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zTrader wasgoed launched te 2014 and is available for free for Android only.

Spil investment te digital currencies becomes more widespread, more app development to facilitate investment is likely on the way. Subscribe to Bitcoin Market Journal to learn more about investment contraptions and strategies te the altcoin space.

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  1. Man the amount of FUD ter this Q1 of 2018 so damn high, if major exchange like binance get hacked, I think crypto will go down the road again like 2014

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