The market dipped

Ter early April, South Korean police detained the head of the exchange Coinnest, which ranks fifth ter the country te terms of trading. Now police have launched an investigation against the country’s largest cryptocurrency exchange Upbit. The consequence of suspects cryptobinary the company of fraud ter especially large size, writes .

Stealing cryptocurrency from the exchange. Version South Korea

Ter the framework of the search, investigators confiscated hard drives with information on customer gegevens and gegevens on renta Upbit. South Korean police believe that the management of the company falsified the balanceo sheets of the exchange cheated customers, and transferred funds to their own accounts.

Upbit is not the very first cryptocurrency exchange te which the South Korean authorities conduct searches lately. Te March, a financial Prosecutor’s office Korea’s KoFIU and regulator FSC checked corporate accounts cryptoolinux organizations ter Korean banks on suspicion of money laundering.

The Market has responded to searches te Upbit negative the exchange rate of Bitcoin fell more than 7 procent to $ 8230 vanaf coin. The cost of the Ethereum decreased to 683 dollars.

Yesterday, the regulator for fraud detection EOS Core Arbitration Forum (ECAF). 27 participants mainnet coins. The reasons for this decision, the Supervisory authority has not explained, and the members of the crypto community has accused the token i.

Things EOS are not the best way. Before running the core network, the Chinese company Qihoo 360 critical error te the code cryptocurrency. Professor of Cornell University Emin Kyeong-sier criticizes the developers for the EOS the lack of cooperation .

the zcash for Hardwork will take place te a matter of hours. The event wasgoed called Overwinter and will toebijten at 347 500 block, reported . Upgrade anonymous cryptocurrency blockchain will increase the security of an existing Protocol for future update.

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  1. It is effortless and elementary that people like mij thought Binance hacked! Because Binance hacked more than merienda ! Now, they are very good exchange webpagina but still wij have that past fear because of our money on it.

  2. Good to see that tweet. Ceo sent a lotsbestemming of tweets to inform webstek not hacked. But this is the cryptomarket anything can toebijten at any time. Wij should always secure our Money from exchanges.

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