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Dr. M.T. “Mike” Resch a.k.a. “MTR”

Fresh MTR Self Portrait

This Fresh Self Portrait wasgoed created with Corel PaintShop Voor 2018 (64 bit) Picture Editing Software. It is from a Photograph I took with my HP 3110 Webcam that I use for Skype te the kitchen of our huis with a sinkful of dirty dishes and the stove with pots & pans on it ter the background (which my wifey hates for people to see). I eliminated the background digitally te this background layer, then I touched it up a little bit (OK maybe a loterijlot) to take the bags out from under my eyes, and retouched my hair and face to make them look junior. Then I created another layer with a green-to-blue Gradient Pack and placed it under the background layer which is semitransparent where I erased the background so that it would vertoning through like a grassy field blending into a blue sky. Then I added a “3-D” Effect called “Buttonize” give the Pic “Depth-of-Field”. MTR

The Advantages of 24 bit Sound

The good thing about 24 bit Digital Audio is that it enables the ordinary person with a PC to achieve “Studio Quality” Sound for a relatively Modest investment of from $78 to $145 for a 24 bit Sound Card which comes ter three basic formats: PCI Internal, PCI Express Internal, or USB Outward. Waterput fairly simply, a Bit Rate of 4608 kbps is around three times the Bit Rate of Commercial CDs which is 1411 kbps, which is a lotsbestemming more information being transmitted to your ears, and a Sample Size of 24 bit permits a Frequency Response of from 0 Hz to 48 kHz, greatly exceeding the Frequency Response of from 0 Hz to 24 kHz inherent ter 16 bit Sound. This permits the delivery of Stunning Highs ter the Treble Range and Amazing Lows te the Bass Range that a person can “feel”, even when listening on a good set of Headphones. There is a feeling of a existente “Presence” te the Music that makes it sound like the Artists are playing and singing right te vooraanzicht of you, that CD quality Music lacks. Part of my Music Ministry is to help an ordinary person to practice the Excitement and Inspiration of Christian Contemporary Music available from 24 bit Music for Free. Below this Text are Linksaf to Download my Albums ter three different Formats: AIFF 24 bit 96 kHz 4608 kbps, AIFF 16 bit 48 kHz 1536 kbps, and MP3 48 kHz 320 kbps. The 2nd and third Formats mentioned can be played on any PC that is able to play Commercial CDs without any extra equipment. Only the very first Format requires a 24 bit Sound SubSystem on your PC, resulting te an awesome build up ter sound quality. I will now give you some Linksaf to typical 24 bit cards ter each of the three categories available. Reminisce, they’re just Examples of 24 bit cards and where to obtain them. I encourage you to search on the Web for other cards that might be more to your liking. My very first Example, a 24 bit PCI Internal card is a 24 bit Creative SB X-Fi PCI Elite Voor Sound Card available at NewEgg for around $145 plus Shipping and any Sales Tax due. This is the Card I have installed te my PC named “Blackbird”. I have nothing but praise for this Device, spil it’s Drivers written ter 2018 for Windows Ten work te my PC running a Pre_Release Operating System of Windows Ten Voor (64 bit) Version 1803, OS Build 17672.1000. I used that Card to Digitally Record Pandora One’s Christian Contemporary Radiodifusión right off the Web, and Convert Pandora’s Measely Bit Rate of 192 kbps into 4608 kbps on-the-fly using the Miracle of Hardware Digital Signal Processing on the Card. Enough said about that. the 2nd Option, a 24 bit PCI Express Internal Card is a 24 bit ASUS PCI-Express XONAR_DX, available at Amazon for around $91 plus Shipping and any Sales Tax due. I don’t have any Individual Practice with this Card, but it has generally good Reviews and Information about getting Drivers te the Product Review and Questions Answered section for it on the Amazon Webstek. The third Example, a 24 bit USB Outer Sound Card is popular for MAC owners, because their Motherboards are not tooled with reserve slots, so they voorwaarde be content using a USB Two.0 Port to accomplish the Task. The best example I found on the Web is a 24 bit Sewell Onmiddellijk Soundbox Outer Card available on Amazon for around $78 plus Shipping and any Sales Tax due. this Opbergruimte is powered by the USB Two.0 Port it butt-plugs into, and has generally good reviews on the Amazon Webstek. It has Drivers available for different “Flavors” of Windows spil well spil OSX. I don’t “drive” a MAC so I don’t have any Individual skill of how acceptable this Card is on a PC running OSX. Many people reported it wasgoed very good spil a Cork & Play device on PCs running Windows. Well, that’s about all I have to say on this subject, except that all three Formats of the Audio Files for the Album are designed to be able to be successfully imported into “iTunes” spil a Free Player, and they all sound pretty good on “iTunes” spil opposed to the Player I use called “GoldWave v. 6.31”, which is a 64 bit app designed to run on Windows 7 (64 bit) or higher, and which is designed to accomodate the newest Version of Windows Ten Professional (64 bit) Version 1709. It is a Digital Audio Player & Editor with a many capabilities which far exceed “iTune’s” capabilities, except that it costs $15 vanaf year to Lease it or $45 to Purchase a Lifetime License & Free Upgrades. It performs better than “iTunes” on playing all sorts of Digital Audio Files. There are Linksaf elsewhere on this Webstek, where you can Download a fully functiong copy that works for a certain number of operations, then asks whether you want to Lease it or Purchase it. I very recommend it for Playing 24 bit Digital Audio. Also, instead of a “Visualizer” like “iTunes” has it has Many Real-Time Spectrum Analysis Graphs te Color which showcase the Frequency vs. Amplitude of each Channel while you are Listening to the Music which I find to be very Entertaining to witness and also very Informative about the “Nature” of the Music. So below this Text you will find Linksom to Files stored on one of my Google Drives that give you access to the Audio Files, the Album Kunst for use te “itunes” and Song Lists te .jpg and .pdf Format that give you a reference to which Track is playing by virtue of the Total Playing Time ter Dark Blue Color of when each Track starts Playing. One other note: For the MP3 Files, if you Rt+Clk the Verbinding and Open te a Fresh Tabulator, it takes you to a Download Pagina that has an MP3 Player Built-in, so that you can Listen to what the Album sounds like before Downloading anything. It’s a Neat little “Reserve” I Discovered while checking to see if all of the Linksom worked like I Programmed them to work using HTML Code. I have many other Albums like this te varying states of completion, so if you like this Music be sure to Let Mij Know using the “Voeling MTR” Listig te “Voeling Information”.

Free Digital Music Wallpaper (Rt+Clk & Open te a Fresh Tabulator to View/Download)

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