Bitcoin (posible currency) coins are seen ter an illustration picture taken at Schuiflade Maison du Bitcoin ter Paris

By Teppei Kasai

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TOKYO (Reuters) – U.S. bitcoin exchange technicus Payward Inc said on Wednesday it will work on retrieving some millions of dollars lost by Tokyo-based Mt. Gox, merienda the world’s largest bitcoin exchange before it collapsed te bankruptcy this year.

kraken, Payward’s bitcoin exchange, will assist Mt. Gox’s Tokyo-court appointed trustee Nobuaki Kobayashi with investigating where the missing bitcoins are, along with eventually redistributing any found to creditors spil part of a liquidation.

The partnership inbetween Payward and Mt. Gox wasgoed approved by the Tokyo district court on Wednesday. kraken will not be paid for the rangschikking but could win fresh clients spil former account holders at Mt. Gox register to receive future distributions from the liquidation.

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“Wij hope to revive bitcoin’s reputation and create a healthy market for it, ultimately leading to profit for us,” Ayako Miyaguchi, managing director of kraken’s Japanese operations, told reporters.

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Merienda treating 80 procent of the world’s bitcoin trades, Mt. Gox filed for bankruptcy te February ter Tokyo after it lost 750,000 of its users’ bitcoins and 100,000 of its own. Mark Karpeles, the 28 year-old French CEO of Mt. Gox, blamed hackers for the loss.

The lost funds represented the omschrijving of $480 million (305.75 million pounds) at the time of the bankruptcy filing. Mt. Gox also said $28 million were “missing” from its Japanese handelsbank accounts.

Karpeles straks said he had recovered 200,000 of the lost bitcoins.

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The collapse of Mt. Gox wasgoed a setback for a five-year-old posible currency that proponents see spil a still-developing alternative to traditional money.

Losbreken, a San Francisco-based bitcoin exchange, announced te October that it wasgoed launching trading inbetween bitcoin and the yen, telling it wasgoed the only major exchange to suggest a dedicated bitcoin/yen order book.

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  1. I wasgoed worried about binance 2-3 days ago, but its working good now. Everything is okay for binance. this exchange is getting stronger each day.

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