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SparkleBox LLC

Don’t trust thesis guys

Don’t trust thesis guys. It shows up that they left Japan because they would not serve with requests from the Japanese government and now they are refusing to provide basic financial information to the state of Fresh York. Hmmmm. Draw your own conclusions here. They also abruptly switched their withdrawal policy to a maximum of $130,000 vanaf year. And who can leave behind the total system meltdown earlier this year that lasted for days. They actually sent their team huis to take naps instead of working around the clock to fix the meltdown! Their webstek still suffers fro periodic malfunctions. Customer service also gargles.

Christopher Windram

There customer support is excellent…

There customer support is excellent they will go out of there way to help you. Problems I’ve had using kraken were actually with my handelsbank messing up SEPA transfers and not kraken itself who I have never had an kwestie with. I find their UI effortless to use. They are a well established exchange te it for the long term. I’d rank them alongside Bitstamp spil the two most secure and trusted exchanges to trade cryptocurrency.

kraken is one of the best…

kraken is one of the best exchanges out there i have bot using them since December 2018,their support is very helpful .Pity they don`t permit USD deposits anymore.

kraken crypto bitcoin EXCHANGE SCAM! kraken Gegevens BREECH!!

kraken crypto bitcoin EXCHANGE SCAM!

SUBMITTED: Friday, April 27, 2018


I have bot trading on Losbreken since the…

I have bot trading on kraken since the beginning of January 2018 and have not experienced any major issues with their trading verhoging. I have transferred several thousands ter Euros to my kraken account and have bought a phat quantity of cryptocurrency tokens with no problems at all (I have a Tier Three verified account). I have not experienced any problems with withdrawing my crypto coins or contant from their toneelpodium.

Mark J Simpson

Losbreken Customer Service ??????????? 888-600-3545 ???????????

kraken Customer Service ??????? 888-600-3545 ???????

Functionality- Losbreken provides a necessary interface and utter documentation to help beginners ter addition to providing charting geared towards more advanced traders.

Liquidity- kraken Increases the high level of liquidity and this permits for the quick funding of accounts and high trading volumes.

Trading Options- kraken toneelpodium permits for Bitcoin Margin Trading with the leveraged trading up to 5x with shorting. It also provides advanced order types such spil stop-loss orders and automated trading.

International Availability- kraken podium exchange cryptocurrency ter various countries such spil US, Canada, Japan, and various European nations.

Losbreken present a valuable service for the cryptocurrency traders across the globe but still, you have any confusion related to its services then you can take help from its ??????????? Losbreken Customer Service ??????????? and the numbers is ??????????? 888-600-3545 ??????????? and resolve your doubt with the help of the specialist.


People dont waterput money there

People dont waterput money there, you gonna liberate it all, the trading verhoging doesnt work it is utter of bugs complaining to support doesnt help they dont response or help you at all, I personaly lost a lotsbestemming of money due that punt, they never give any support and many people packed deeds suits, kraken is close to be shut down by the governement due to reject of serve with regulations. Dont waterput your money on that place or .

Rodney Higgins

AVOID like the plague

AVOID like the plague. The support hardly responds and when it does it just gives generic platitudes then overlooks you again.

Tod Rubin

If I could give it a zero or negative…

If I could give it a zero or negative score I would. Every step ter the registration and verification so far has bot a disaster. Instructions are contradictory, confusing and poorly designed. I’ve bot attempting to get verified for one week now with no success. They have no phone support and they keep pawning you off to another talk slagroom representative from the company who has little concern or motivation to get you verified ter order to commence funding your account and start trading. Despite mij sending ID information on Four different occasions, their software keeps rejecting my documents claiming they can’t be read by their químico intelligence. If you want to scream, get agitated, miss trading opportunities and waste your valuable time, kraken is the place to be.

Hiljan Christiaan

odd practice (mixed review)

Up till Two weeks ago I personally considered kraken one of the best services around, I do hear people claiming about their customer service but I have to say they have always replied within 48 hours, what has dropped my score and personally think I will no longer use their service is that I placed a withdrawal on the 26th of March 2018, according to kraken, Payward Japan K.K processed the transaction but it wasgoed rejected by my bankgebouw, I have gone overheen and overheen again with my bankgebouw and they state that they never received the wire and there wasgoed no case of rejected transaction. kraken then informed mij that the account they were using wasgoed closed and they would attempt to get mij my funds back but can not provide mij with a time framework (at time of writing overheen 14 days), this to mij is unacceptable, the funds are not going back to my canap account!! you know you are going to get the funds, you can not keep my funds hostage it’s simply not right!! I do understand technical issues arise however however customer should not be affected by thesis technicalities, I do not think Two.4k should represent such a ongemak. I guess I have now learned my lesson and there is not much I can do other then wait and hope that I eventually get the funds back. overeenkomst at own risk, when there are no issues the service is superb, when something gpes wrong well you will have to wait and see

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  1. Binance ain’t working yet from my end, I did attempt after reading this thread, I’m not sure why there’s some punt with this webpagina I have some tokens that I desired to trade but the webpagina still down, maybe the team still working and attempting to motionless the kwestie, any words from the team will give some good hope

  2. I suggest you never keep all your funds te the crypto exchange since it’s not very safe since you never know what might toebijten te the future. Also, if someone hackers Binance, I do not think they will have enough funds to voorkant the losses because this exchange is also an ICO project. I always send my fund to trade for less than a week and withdraw it spil soon spil possible.

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