70 Exchange APIs: Bitcoin-Status, HashRack and kraken, ProgrammableWeb

Our API directory now includes 70 exchange APIs. The newest is the spotXchange API. The most popular, ter terms of mashups, is the BTC-e API. Wij list 1 BTC-e mashups . Below you’ll find some more stats from the directory, including the entire list of exchange APIs.

Ter terms of the technical details, Surplus and JSON lead the way. There are 44 exchange Surplus APIs and Ten exchange SOAP APIs. Our directory lists 15

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For reference, here is a list of all 70 exchange APIs.

Alpari API: Algorithmic Trading Service

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AlphaPoint API: Digital Currency Exchange Service

Bitcoin 24/7 API: Bitcoin Exchange and Merchant Service

Bitcoin-Status API: Bitcoin Up-time Analysis Service

BitcoinAverage API: Bitcoin Information Service

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Bitcurex API: Bitcoin Trading Service

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BitMarket API: Bitcoin Exchange Service

Bitx API: Bitcoin Exchange Service

BSE Stock Quotes API: Indian stock exchange information service

BTC to X API: Bitcoin Exchange Rate Rekenmachine

BTC-e API: Bitcoin Trading Service

BTCmerch API: Bitcoin Merchant Services

Btct API: Posible Currency Exchange Service

BTCtoX API: Bitcoin exchange rate rekenmachine

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Bter API: Bitcoin Exchange Service

CampBX API: Bitcoin Trading Service

CitiFXpro API: Automated Trading Service

CoinCard API: Bitcoin to Giftcard Service

CoinChoose API: Crypto-Currency Tracking Service

Coinkite API: Bitcoin Exchange Service

Coins-E API: Crypto-Currency Exchange Service

CoinSetter API: Bitcoin Trading Service

CoolTrade API: Automated Trading Service

Cryptank API: Crypto-Currency Information Service

Crypto-Change API: Crypto-Currency Exchange Service

Crypto-Trade API: Crypto-Currency Exchange Service

CryptoTrader API: Crypto-Currency Trading Verhoging

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Cryptsy API: Crypto-Currency Exchange Service

Deutsche-Boerse VALUES API: Financial Information Exchange Service

Desmerecimiento MC API: Desmerecimiento Bitcoin Mining Service

Eurex VALUES API: Financial Exchange Service

FxSpyder API: Forex Trading Service

Tonalidad System Exchange Rates API: Currency exchange rate reference service

Get Exchange Rates API: Exchange rate information service

HashRack API: Bitcoin Mining Service

InfoValutar Rate API: Romanian currency exchange rate service

Inputs.io API: BItcoin Wallet Service

Losbreken API: Bitcoin Trading Service

Litecoin Completo API: Posible Currency Exchange Service

LTCchain API: Litecoin Blockchain Service

MaxBTC API: Bitcoin Mining Service

mcxNOW API: Crypto-Currency Exchange Service

Open Exchange Rates API: Real-time/historical currency exchange rates for developers

Pool-X API: Litecoin Mining Service

Quantopian API: Algorithmic Trading Service

RTBTC API: Universal Front-End Trading Service

spotXchange API: Movie Advertising Verhoging

TheRockTrading API: Posible Currency Exchange Service

Tradery API: Testing and Trading Service

TradeWex API: Financial Trading Service

Unocoin API: Bitcoin Payment Service

Vicurex API: Cryptocoin exchange toneelpodium

VirCurEx API: Currency Exchange Toneel

WalletBit API: Bitcoin Storage and Payment Service

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