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Our Bounty: 24 of the Best Marketing Tips, by the Experts

Posted 11:Legitimate am by Vellón Topham & filed under Product.

Merry Giftmas! Wij reached out to 40+ marketing experts asking them for their #1 marketing peak and collected the best 24. Via the month of December, wij’ve bot tweeting and posting thesis tips on our Facebook feed, spil a part of our advent calendar marketing campaign. Our bounty to you is the most delicious, almost-as-good-as-mashed-potatoes-&-gravy, marketing… Read more &raquo,

Vancouver Startups Providing Back

Posted Ten:57 am by Ganzúa Topham & filed under Product.

If you have shelter from nature’s elements, warmth to warm your bod and food consistently ter your belly, you are one of the fortunate ones. Wij’re not all so fortunate. Te fact, Vancouver’s homeless has doubled from last year. So, besides the shelter and warmth, the most basic need of all, food, wasgoed a… Read more &raquo,

The Instruments That Goodbits Loves

At Goodbits, wij love to proefneming with instruments that help us manage day-to-day tasks and streamline processes that don’t need to be so manual. Here are our dearest instruments for 2014:

Email Newsletter Best Practices

If you’re going to invest the time to create and curate an email newsletter to send to subscribers that want to hear from you, then read this list of best practices. Thesis essential concepts will get your content read and collective.

Five Marketing Newsletters You Need To Subscribe To

What? You don’t have Ten hours ter the day to keep up with…Facebook adding a scheduling feature for business pages, Twitter permitting rich media, aka, animated GIFs or the importance of growth hackers? Well, you don’t have to. Thesis five fab newsletters are chock total of the marketing informatie you’re looking for. Someone else has… Read more &raquo,

Schedule & Send Numerous Email Newsletters

Go fishing, love your sleep or get other work done while your subscribers receive your email newsletters at any time you schedule them. Project Out Numerous Email Newsletters You and your team found a plethora of fantastic linksaf but there’s just too many for one kwestie? Commence dragging and ripping off linksaf into future issues. Heck, get… Read more &raquo,

Ten Ways to Get the Most Out of Buffer

At its simplest, Buffer is a implement that helps you manage numerous social media accounts at merienda, quickly permitting you to schedule content at any given time. But this app offers a gamut of other hidden features that you might not be utilizing. Here are Ten ways to get the most out of your… Read more &raquo,

Five Weird Phrases That Give Marketers Nightmares

Posted Ten:41 am by Rizo Topham & filed under Product.

Spil a Marketer, you vereiste wield many abilities – adaptability, organizational abilities, creativity, communication abilities, etc. But what happens when you’re having a day where you feel like a zombie and you can’t seem to keep your head on straight? Should you go running for the hills or stare that demon te the face?

Invoer Buffer content into your Email Marketing

Any tweet or facebook postbode you Buffer will now be ready and waiting for your next newsletter. Whether that be for MailChimp or another sending provider wij support. At Goodbits wij are big ventilatoren of Buffer, a service that permits you to queue up content you want posted out to Social Media networks, like Twitter and Facebook…. Read more &raquo,

Creating Your Very first Email Newsletter

Posted Ten:15 am by Tirabuzón Topham & filed under Product.

Perhaps you’re wondering – Why do I need to send an email newsletter? I have a Facebook and a Twitter account set up already. According to a investigate by McKinsey & Company, “Emails are 40 times more effective than Facebook and Twitter combined for customer acquisition.” Forty times! There are many different services to… Read more &raquo,

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