They profited massively after the transition of wealth from two currencies into a fresh one.

Bitcoin climbed to a record high this past Sunday of Three,041.36, according to CoinDesk. Then all of a sudden the next day, plummets to $Two,532.87, while ethereum and technology stocks also dramatically declined.

By 9:00 p.m. that night, it had drastically recovered back up to $Two,721.

At the same time this druppel wasgoed occurring, two major bitcoin exchanges: Coinbase and BTC-e, who account for 23% of the bitcoin market, also went offline, preventing investors from being able to manage their currency.

Coinbase cited high customer traffic and trading volume for being down for maintenance. They claimed that the kwestie wasgoed resolved by 7:44 p.m. EST, basically after all of the harm wasgoed done and bitcoin had begun to recover.

At the same time, a fresh blockchain-based project, known spil Bancor, wasgoed introduced, absorbing mostly ethereum and bitcoin to create a fresh currency, known spil bancor network tokens (BNTs).

Via the day, while major exchanges were mostly offline, it raised $150 million, setting an industry record for an initial coin suggesting (ICO).

Bancor wasgoed then compelled to extend their ICO by three hours, due to breathtaking request and traffic, and massive malicious attacks, according to a blog postbode from the company.

How generous of them. So basically, merienda bitcoin and ethereum lost their maximum value, you were permitted back online to strategize your trades.

The way I see it, this is how it went down:

Massive amounts of bitcoin and ethereum were transitioned into a fresh cryptocurrency known spil Bancor. Spil the values of the very first two druppel, the fresh one rises, so te a sense, none of those initial investors indeed lost any wealth.

They profited massively after the transition of wealth from two currencies into a fresh one.

Wij (the media guys) on the other forearm were prevented from taking place ter this transition of wealth. Merienda they had established a fresh currency, merienda their wealth had stabilized, wij were permitted back ter to buy up a kattig and chunks of devalued ethereum and bitcoin

Wij lose money, thesis large investors do not. They ter fact, position themselves to make a quick profit, virtually te one day.

It turns out, the precies same screenplay played out Trio weeks earlier on May 25, ter which bitcoin drops more than $400 te value, while cryptocurrency exchanges such spil Coinbase went offline, preventing investors from taking act.

At the same time, a fresh blockchain project, known spil CryptoPing, launches a crowdsale.

“Behind the project is a group of successful cryptocurrency traders with Five+ years of practice who choose to remain anonymous … 9,000,000 tokens based on Flaps toneel are to be issued for the crowdsale with total worth of 1000 BTC. Extra 1,000,000 tokens will be reserved for one-level 10% referral program.”

Merienda again, a transition of wealth, from bitcoin and ethereum into CryptoPing tokens, occured. Merienda wealth had stabilized, everyone else wasgoed permitted ter.

They moved their wealth overheen, then wij, who had lost value, attempted to budge te and feast on the scraps. But thousands of people actually lost substantial sums of money because, again, Coinbase went offline during a downturn.

This actually yet is still just another repeat of what happened on Sept. 26, 2018, when the cryptocurrency FirstBlood had its ICO.

It raised $Five.Five million USD te ethereum ter a matter of minutes.

Google Coinbase on that date, this is the top come back:

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  1. Binance is fine but also I feel like the risks it takes (when Japan reprimanded them for operating without a license) are unwise at times and may tarnish the brand ter the medium-term. Right now, the company has released reports of obtaining a fiat license te Malta for Euro to crypto but who knows whether that will get them one step closer to a fiat to crypto license ter the U.S.? I guess only time will tell. Te the meantime, I’m betting more on companies like Huobi that are setting up numerous separate entities that are loosely affiliated with each other. Their very first one ter the U.S. is called HBUS and evidently launches straks this year. Their webstek is

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