kraken Technical Analysis and Trading Ideas

Hello Cryptocurrency traders ! You’ve very likely wondered, Why can’t i use Tradingview to Place and View my orders ? Or maybe you’ve created a strategy that is profitable, and would like to run an automated strategy. But unlike our non-crypto colleagues, Wij have no decent capability to connect to our Exchanges. That’s very unfortunate, but why ? Tradingview .

Hello, I see ter ICN coin gigantic profit potential, price now ter request zone, where wij can buy for long to achieve total 6x profit. Using renta management, I will buy ICN for 25% of my free BTC. Price will stir through Fibonacci levels, so I use them spil a targets: I will sell on Targets: Target 1: 0.000369 25% of ICN Target Two: 0.000589 25% of ICN Target Three: .

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EOS after a monster run to 23 went into a free fall. wij are now kicking off to practice a bottoming pattern. after a druppel to near Ten dollars wij consolidated te that 10-12 range for some time churning out some fresh buyers. Of latest the coin has commenced to make its budge higher and pauze levels of resistance making a quick run to 15. This past week wij have .


XRP is drawing a good pre-pump configuration, i’m beginning to buy all supports ^^. HOLD is the master word. And patience too =)

ICNUSD (Losbreken) 24.04.2018

There emerges to be a falling wedge on the 4-hour. The price is following two down-sloping and converging trendlines, and the price has touched each trendline 6 times — with Three touches vanaf trendline. Wij will very likely see a retest of the $7,800 area again before violating out of the wedge. I’m kicking off to scale ter now just ter case wij don’t. I will proceed to buy .

Hello all and welcome to my update analysis of LTCUSD. This is my 2nd time posting on tradingview, so take my information with a grain of salt. Now lets get embarked ! Looking at the four hour chart, I’d like to commence from the green arrow on the left. LTC wasgoed ter a downtrend channel at the time of my last postbode. It has since violated out of the downtrend .

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My philosophy with trading is, up or down, lets make money. I love shorting, and I love bull markets. Most importantly, I’ve instructed myself how to make money ter both markets. Its permitted mij to be unbiased, and its permitted mij to be more adaptable. Very first look at bitcoin and all the research I did, the analysts had vague interpretations and recommended larger plays. .

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  1. Thank aker its back. never knew that one of the top Three exchange would be inaccessable. its kleuter of wierd that it happens. is china involved ter this?

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