Korean Crypto Connection – Bridging the gap inbetween the westelijk and the Korean world

Bridging the gap inbetween the westelijk and the Korean world

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  • Korean Exchange Upbit has released their Development API June 22, 2018
  • The age of buying books with cryptocurrency has arrived June 21, 2018
  • Latest cryptocurrency hack due to traditional spread of malicious code through email June 21, 2018


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I have determined to add an ERC20 Ethereum wallet listig after a suggestion on Reddit.

I am working on this fresh initiative te my free time, donations would be so welcome.

Korean Exchange Upbit has released their Development API

From today, anyone can use the Korean exchange Upbit Developer API at https://docs.upbit.com/. Last month, up to 500 developers participated te the open beta of the API documentation which lasted overheen Five weeks.

The API contains numerous interesting and essential functions, and will be the commence for developers who are anxious to embark developing devices and software that works with the Upbit API.

Essentially, this means the Upbit exchange will likely increase te usage and volume spil interesting apps will be developed to increase the reach of the exchange.

The age of buying books with cryptocurrency has arrived

The age of buying books with cryptocurrency has arrived. South Korean Bookjam has signed a strategic agreement with Woongjin group which permits for the sale of books ter cryptocurrencies. For the ogenblik, the books can only be bought online but there is a project to permit cryptocurrency payments ter store spil well. The store is programma to use the cryptocurrency EOS.

The Bookjam representative notes that they will introduce verdadero use cases to the cryptocurrency market ter the same way that Amazon popularized online shopping with their online bookstore.

Latest cryptocurrency hack due to traditional spread of malicious code through email

Debate is enhancing overheen the latest cryptocurrency exchange hack that wasgoed caused by traditional e-mail targeted phishing methods. Are cryptocurrency safety regulations not rigorous enough?

Because the blockchain cannot be accessed physically wij have to assume that the hacker gained acces to the cryptocurrency through traditional e-mail phising methods.

Both Bithumb and CoinRail have bot succesfully targeted. The exchanges kept Ten to 20% of their reserves te a hot wallet, while 80 to 90% wasgoed kept ter cold wallets te computers that were not connected to the internet.

Llamativo source: http://news.joins.com/article/22736558

Ministry of Information and Commmunication, IT industry grateful for cryptocurrency regulations puinhoop

Diferente source: Seoul, Hankyoreh. Kim Jae-Sop

An employee of the Korean ministry of information and communication believes the puinhoop caused by last week’s regulatory puinhoop is unfortunate, but also positive for kindling the rente for cryptocurrencies and blockchain te the Korean citizens’ minds.

Another government employee believes that cryptocurrencies can be explained to the public due to it becoming a societal problem, similar to ADSL ter the 90s. The IT industry voices similar support and believes the puinhoop is not necessarily bad.

Blockchain technologies are planned to be applied at the government level both ter Seoul and te Gyeonggi Province. Ter an area of Seoul called Nowon-gu a coin called Nowon (??) is expected to be launched which volunteers ter the area can receive and pay with.

Crypto exchange Korbit system malfunction: users lose lawsuit

Source article by Seoul, Chosun News. Park Hyeon-Ik

Cryptocurrency exchange users combating an exchange for suspected systemic handicaps ter trading, have lost their case due to a lack of evidence.

The Korean court ruled on the 21st that sufficient evidence to support the harm compensation claims made by Korbit exchange users wasgoed not found.

It is assumed that due to a system mistake users could not buy Ethereum Classic on the price that they were attempting to buy at.

Korbit presently holds a trade volume of 16,155 BTC or $191.865.504 according to Coinmarketcap.

Controversies surrounding market manipulation by Government employees te South Korea

Source article by Seoul, Choson News. Geum Won-Sop

A controversy has ensued on the 19th when it turned out that an employee working at the financial department of the government had sold his coins and posted about his profits right before the government measures on cryptocurrency were announced. The controversy surrounds the fact that this is thought to be unfair practice.

It is assumed that fairly a lotsbestemming of people working at the government-level te South Korea are now engaging ter cryptocurrency speculation.

A government worker has replied spil goes after:

It is not a problem if you are not business fucking partners, right?

The South Korean opposition parties are now calling on Voorzitter Moon Jae-In to disclose information concerning trading among government employees.

The government is now criticized for market manipulation through press-releases.

The “Financial Supervisory Service” is now conducting a one-on-one vraaggesprek with the employee thought to have sold his currency just before the announcements.

The Democratic Party of Korea feels that the claims made by opposition parties add fuel to the fire for Korean citizens who are already confused by massive speculation.

Chinese exchange OKCoin expands to Korea

Source article by Seoul, Joongang Ilbo. Park Su-Ryeon

On the 19th, OKCoin International has reserved a webpagina for its Korean counterpart OKCoin Korea. They have noted that Korea is a very significant market for cryptocurrency trading. OKCoin Korea is expected to open business within Korea ter February.

While the fattest domestic cryptocurrency exchange ter Korea offers up to 35 types of cryptocurrency for trading, OKCoin Korea is expected to suggest more than 60 types including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Metselspecie and Ethereum.

On the 18th, the Korean government announced measures to combat the speculation ter cryptocurrencies through enforcing trading under verdadero names on cryptocurrency markets.

The government is worried of foreign exchanges aggressively opening up shop abroad and the potential side-effects thereof. It is considering everything up to the closure of exchanges. While exchanges have to list cryptocurrencies that are trustable, there could be puinhoop if those cryptocurrencies were to all of a sudden druppel ter price.

Besides OKCoin there are also other Chinese exchanges opening doors on the Korean market. Besides the massive size of the Korean market, another reason for this has bot the effects of strong regulations by the Chinese government.

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  1. Yes it seems its already up and running,most of the people began to fright when this McAfee has tweeted that binance has bot compromised by the hackers which is like spreading another FUD,he doesnt know that it might be the reason why bitcoin’s price will druppel build up,because his stupidity doesnt consider people’s mindset.

  2. Binance embarked to work slickly. The world’s largest cryptographic exchange has returned to natural after Two days. I never thought about the possibility of a hacking attack. I know cyber security precautions are enough.

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